Born Optimist
Published by 16Leaves
ISBN 9789390508259
Release Date
Pages 58


The author has been inspired by real-world stories and profound thoughts of leaders of all ages. He is fascinated with the workings of the universe and the human mind. There were instances where he felt that his progressive life was being pulled down by the weight of his inhibiting thoughts. He realized that when the seeking is aligned to a larger societal cause, inhibiting thoughts will gravitate towards a liberated purposeful living. What started off as a self-improvement journey to break the self-imposed restraints turned into a series of author's reflections of successful transformation short stories to inspire many. This book is an example of some powerful thoughts on how positive minds have acted favourably in time of crisis. The author wanted to reflect upon some profound thoughts and their impact on

A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes
Watch Out!
Time Machine-​Like Mindset
Secret Sauce for Success
Reset Your Life’s Blueprint
World of Opportunities
Focus on the Present
Fine-​Tune the Information
Embrace Change
The 4 Cs-​-​Crisis, Creativity, Change, and Complacency
Design Your Thinking
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