The Sensibility of the Alimentary Canal
The Sensibility of the Alimentary Canal
The Goulstonian Lectures delivered at The Royal College of Physicians, March 1911
Published by Trove Books
Series: VNI
ISBN 9789390508976
 Publication Date
  Pages 88





Through this book, Arthur Frederick Hertz has chosen a branch of medicine to dwell upon which had made immense progress in the last few decades. The Sensibility of the Alimentary Canal deals with explaining the causes of pain and other abnormal sensations for all the diseases of the alimentary canal. The author’s conclusions, based on his experimental observations on the sensibility of the oesophagus, stomach and intestines to tactile, thermal and chemical stimulation, hold immense credibility. This book shall be useful in diagnosing or sensing the anomalies of a dysfunctional alimentary canal and shall definitely prove to be a good read.

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