The Future of Healthcare
The Future of Healthcare
Transforming with Technology
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In today’s world, technology plays a big role in our daily lives, including our consumption of healthcare. We are in an exciting new era where the advances and breakthrough innovations in digital healthcare technologies have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare while drastically reducing costs. Healthcare workers need to embrace these emerging technologies to stay relevant and achieve the dream of cheaper, faster and more effective healthcare solutions. The Future of Healthcare: Transforming with Technology aims to spread awareness of this subject among workers in the health sector and allied sectors, and empower them with the ultimate objective of making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable to all. Written by experts in the field, this volume is aimed at professionals in health and related sectors, including doctors, nurses, allied health staff, paramedical staff, community workers, healthcare administrators and healthcare students.

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Foreword by Kris Gopalakrishnan
About the Editors
Section 1: An Introduction to Healthcare Technology
1.Building Blocks: The Basic Concepts of Healthcare Technology
2.Health Data Going Digital: India’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
Section 2: Healthcare Technology for Medical Professionals
3.The Future of Health: Smart Hospitals
4.Convenient Care: The Rise of Telemedicine
5.The Vocation of Healing: Career Prospects in Medical Technology and Research
6.The Sky Is the Limit: Cloud Computing in Healthcare
Section 3:The Clinical Perspective for IT/Medical Device Professionals
7.Diagnostic Devices and More: The Role and Contribution of Medical Devices in Healthcare
8.Remote Hands: Control Systems Required for IT and Medical Device Outcomes
9.Calibrated for Care I: Quality Assurance in Medical Device-Based Healthcare
10.Calibrated for Care II: Quality Assurance in IT-Based Healthcare
11.Take Care, Be Safe: Legal Issues, Privacy and Security in Healthcare Technology
Section 4: Healthcare Technology for Allied Health Professionals
12.Networks of Care: Digitally Connected Healthcare Systems
13.The Parameters of Precision: Quality Management in Healthcare Technology
14.Creation for Cure: Simulation and Organ Modelling
15.The Science of Regeneration: Tissue Engineering and Biomechanics
16.Making Virtual into Reality: How Augmented and Virtual Reality Are Reshaping Healthcare
17.Programmed to Heal: Healthcare Robotics
18.Beyond Boundaries: Technology for Care across the Healthcare Continuum
19.Cutting-Edge Care: Futuristic Healthcare Technologies of the Next Decade
About the Contributors
Alexander Thomas is the President of AHPI, former President of the Association of National Board Accredited Institutions, and Founder-President and Patron of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations. He has effected far-reaching policy changes within the healthcare landscape at the national and the State level, pioneered numerous training initiatives, and received several awards for his contributions to the healthcare sector.
S. Raghunath was the Dean overseeing the administration of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B), Professor of Strategy, and the former Chairperson of the Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship at IIM-B. He is also the Chairman for the South Asia Board of the Academy of International Business, the apex body for research in International Business. He has been the Programme Director of the IIM-B Healthcare Leadership Programme and the Senior Leadership Programme for Managing and Sustaining Hospital Growth.
Divya Alexander has 15 years of expertise in health and public policy research, drawing up policy recommendations and legislation through her work with AHPI, UNFPA and Amnesty International, USA. She has co-edited five books and several papers on communication, climate change and policy in the health sector.
Sandeep Bhalla is the Associate Vice-President of ECHO India, Adjunct Additional Professor at PHFI, Honorary Advisor (Health) at the Global Development Centre – RIS, and Advisor to AHPI. With over 50 publications and several awards, he is an experienced public health specialist in public health program implementation, capacity building and health systems strengthening.
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